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Management Board

Janusz Radomski

President of the Management Board  

Janusz Radomski graduated from the Faculty of History at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in 1993. Graduate of the Faculty of Strategic Policy Planning at the Queen’s University in Canada and the National School of Public Administration.
In 1997-2007 associated with the Polish Ministry of Treasury, where was responsible for the corporate supervision over companies from the oil and gas industry, including PKN ORLEN S.A.,. ... more »


Sylwia Kobyłkiewicz

Board Member 

Sylwia Kobyłkiewicz is a graduate of the Częstochowa University of Technology where she completed majors in management of enterprises’ finance, financial analysis of enterprises and post-graduate studies in taxes and accounting. Currently she is an MBA student at the Higher School of Trade and Services in Poznań.

In 1992-1995 she performed the managerial functions as a Chief Accountant and Member of the Management Board in various companies.... more »


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