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In 2011, ORLEN Upstream was awarded the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) certificate which is given to companies with the highest quality of the purchasing processes. In 2016 ORLEN Upstream revalidate the certificate.
ORLEN Upstream was the first Polish company to be awarded with this title. The certification procedure required a detailed audit, in which the company’s purchasing policies, instructions and procedures were analysed. The certificate confirms that the company acts in a professional, transparent, and repeatable way, and that its internal clients are provided with products and services that meet their quality requirements, while at the same time ensuring the best economic value.
The re-certification audit was carried out in 2016 and encompassed 110 thematic areas. The total number of documents presented to the auditors exceeded 400 and they included rules, procedures, instructions, contracts, statements, plans, presentations, reports, and others. Renewed certificate is valid until 2019.

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