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FX Energy
In 2015, ORLEN Upstream completed the acquisition of the American company FX Energy by purchasing 100% of its stock, thereby expanding the resource base and the number of assets of the ORLEN Group’s upstream sector through the addition of a number of producing deposits in Poland. The following three new exploration & production areas were added to the Group’s portfolio: Płotki and Edge, located in the Polish Lowlands. Their total area is some 7,400 square kilometres. Currently, an intensive process is underway to integrate the acquired company with the ORLEN Upstream structures, with a view to merging the two companies at all organisational levels.
The Edge project consists of five FX-Energy-owned licences in Pomorze, which is where the Tuchola and Bajerze deposits are located. Currently further drilling is being carried out in order to acquire data necessary to precisely assess the potential of the region, and to document the neighbouring deposits in the Permian, Carboniferous, and Devonian formations. The work carried out so far (including well drilling) has made it possible to document deposits of natural gas, some of which are being developed right now.
The Płotki project is being carried out in collaboration with PGNiG SA in four licences in Wielkopolska. The region is geologically well explored and it is considered to be the most promising region in Poland as far as hydrocarbon deposits in Rotliegend formations are proved. Over 20 wells have been drilled in the area so far. Production is carrying out from eight deposits, and further ones are being developed. ​

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