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Sieraków Project

Project type:

Exploration and development of a conventional oil deposit, carried out jointly with a partner – Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG S.A.) in licence areas belonging to PGNiG S.A.


The prospecting and exploration work is carried out in the Polish Lowlands, within Sieraków formations located in Szczecin Basin, near the largest of the oil and natural gas deposits discovered recently in Poland (Lubiatów – Międzychód – Grotów).

Project description:

Sieraków Project aims to explore the geological structures of the Upper Dolomite, in order to confirm the occurrence of industrial-scale deposits of petroleum, develop the deposits, and commence production.
In recent years, a significant amount of exploration and drilling work has been carried out as part of the project, bringing it much closer to reaching its objectives. Having re-interpreted and integrated seismic data, the operators appraised the mineable resources in the whole of Sieraków structure, which in turn served as the basis to create a preliminary plan for the development of the deposit and drilling further exploration wells. In 2013, the data obtained from Sieraków-3 well were analysed in order to corroborate the potential of the area and update the work plan.
ORLEN Upstream holds a 49% stake in Sieraków Project. The stake pertains both to the costs, and the revenues from the sales of oil and gas produced. The remaining 51% is held by PGNiG S.A.

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