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The activities of ORLEN Upstream are centred around the exploration, prospecting and production of natural gas and crude oil deposits. The operations are carried out both on conventional and unconventional plays, in Poland and abroad (Canada).

The first exploration assets in Poland were acquired by ORLEN in 2007. As part of the exploration program, the team of ORLEN Upstream acquired about 2000 km of new seismic lines (2D) and reviewed historical geological data from the area of thousands of square kilometres. The exploration drilling in the search of oil and gas fields started in 2011. At the moment, ORLEN Upstream is one of the leaders of hydrocarbon exploration in Poland.

The portfolio of production assets of the ORLEN Group is concentrated in Alberta, Canada and in Poland. Its total production potential is estimated at approximately 152 MMBOE of proven and probable (2P) reserves. ORLEN plans to grow its operations in the Canadian market by investing in production assets through its subsidiary ORLEN Upstream Canada which is engaged in oil and gas exploration and production in western Canada. Through the development of the asset portfolio in North America, the ORLEN Group is able to:
  • ​increase the production volume from currently producing fields, 
  • grow the asset portfolio held by the company,
  • establish a presence in a mature and stable upstream market,
  • benefit from international exchange of experience and know-how transfer into its exploration and production business in Poland,
  • strengthen the position in Canada and gain a foothold for further expansion in North American markets. 


The growth of the asset portfolio is consistent with the strategy of the ORLEN Group, which assumes progressive activities in the upstream segment. At the same time, continued development of prospecting and exploration in Poland remains one of the key strategic directions, including the acquisition of new seismic data, interpretation of vintage geological data, as well as drilling and stimulation operations. 

ORLEN Upstream carries out all its operations in conformity with the principles of good corporate governance and social responsibility while taking care of the employees' development and natural environment.


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