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Best Practices
ORLEN Upstream conducts every stage of its activity by the principles of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Representing the biggest company in Poland, ORLEN Upstream wants to not only actively participate in economic and civilization development of the country, but also aspires to the role of an active social partner, at both central and local level. Consistently implementing the business strategy of the ORLEN Group, ORLEN Upstream takes care of the environment and society in which it operates. Environmental, ethical and social issues are an integral element of the Company’s long-term business activity.
Ethics and Organizational Culture
ORLEN Upstream team obeys the principles of organizational culture based on the values defined in the PKN ORLEN Code of Ethics, in particular:
•  We respect the dignity of every human and do not discriminate anyone’s gender, national origin, race, religion, political orientation, or other dimensions of diversity.

•  We care about the good image of the company we work for, its products and services.
•  We conduct our business in accordance with the law and high ethical standards that exclude any form of arrogant, abusive, dishonest or corrupt behaviour.

Protection of Natural Environment 
ORLEN Upstream takes care of the environment. The Company abides the strictest environmental standards set by the Polish and European law with commitment, often going beyond requirements. We support environmental initiatives by participating in activities focusing on protection of the environment. We analyze and assess the risks associated with the impact of our activities on the natural and social environment, always trying to minimize them. In case of damage, we immediately respond by removing the effects of our activity and draw conclusions for the future.
Health and Safety
We follow strict health and safety rules, with the utmost care in preparing, enforcing and monitoring our activities. We care about the health and safety of employees and persons in the closest environment as well as their property by applying both preventive and remedial measures. We properly protect data and information.
Open and honest Communication
We focus on an open dialogue with all employees and interested parties basing communication on concrete facts. We provide access to reliable information to all interested parties while respecting the established norms and rules of conduct.
Confidence and Partnership
In ORLEN Upstream, we aim to build friendly and stable relations with all interested parties, including local communities, by means of a dialogue and responsible words and actions. We try to understand the different needs and expectations of the communities in which we stay and work, including local communities, while referring to them with due respect, dignity and responsibility. We would like to actively participate in the life of local communities, acting to their benefit.
Science and Development
ORLEN Upstream influences the economic development of the country and regions by improving skills and upgrading qualifications of its employees and associates, as well as by popularization of science and cooperation with research and development centers, but also by creating new jobs, constant technological development, and cooperation with local suppliers. In ORLEN Upstream, we believe that well-educated young generation is the most important element of economic development, and therefore we attach great importance to promoting education and popularization of scientific issues related to the energy industry, including in particular the technology of exploration and production of oil and natural gas.
Physical Culture 
In ORLEN Upstream, we believe that healthy competition within the active amateur sports and daily physical activity beneficial for widely understood social development. This is especially important for the youth - promotes good practices and past-time activities outside the classroom, positively shaping young characters and is a chance to spend free time in a valuable way. We support and engage in interesting local sport initiatives, often taking an active part in these events.

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