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ORLEN Upstream is responsible for the execution of PKN ORLEN’s strategy of oil and gas exploration and production activity. As a member of ORLEN Group, we manage a portfolio of upstream assets within the largest fuel and energy group in Central & Eastern Europe.
For over a decade now we have been expanding our reserves, stepping up production and developing a diversified portfolio of projects, focusing on the most promising assets. We run our operations in Poland, where we are one of the leaders on the hydrocarbons market, and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where we operate through our subsidiary, ORLEN Upstream Canada.
We care about sustainable growth what is in line with organizational culture implemented by PKN ORLEN, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and we respond to the needs of our stakeholders.

Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability.

PKN ORLEN holds 100% shares in ORLEN Upstream.


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