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Operations in Canada
ORLEN Group have been carrying out upstream activity in North America since 2013. At the end of 2017, the 2P reserves in Canada amounted to 141 MMBOE with the average pro¬duction in the II quarter of 2018 at 17,100 BOE/D. Next PKN ORLEN’s hydrocarbon exploration and production strategy has provided for both organic growth and acquisitions. In the interest of the company were mature and stable oil and gas market with friendly political, legal and tax environment. Over past few years the assets portfolio of ORLEN Group in Canada were built by next acquisitions and development of operation activity on the owns leases. The main PKN ORLEN’s Canadian assets are located in Alberta in regions Kakwa (Montney formation), Ferrier Strachan (Cardium formation), Lochend (Cardium formation), Pouce Coupe (Montney formation), Kaybob (Dunveganformation).
Ferrier Strachan is one of the two chief regions of ORLEN Upstream Canada’s operations. It is very promising as far as the development of the coastal sandstones in the Cretaceous Cardium formation is concerned. An interesting fact is that the composition of hydrocarbons is very varied at this location, ranging from gas with a slight amount of oil, to oil with a relatively small amount of gas.
Kakwa is one of the most promising areas in Alberta. The work here focuses on the Triassic Montney formation. The main product in Kakwa is gas with a large content of condensate.
Kaybob – the main target of the drilling work in this area is the sandy delta sediments which were deposited here in the Cretaceous, forming a part of the Dunvegan formation. They feature very good reservoir parameters and a high share of oil in the total volume extracted.
Lochend – this area, located only a few miles away from the outskirts of Calgary, is the foundation on which ORLEN Upstream Canada’s portfolio was built. The Cretaceous Cardium formation, covering an area of tens of square kilometres, is highly promising on at least two horizons of the deposit, which produce gas, and light oil with gas.
Pouce Coupe is one of the three original areas held by ORLEN Upstream Canada. Production here is carried out from the siltstone found in the Triassic Montney formation. The main product in Pouce Coupe is gas with a small addition of liquid hydrocarbons.
Stoney Creek – located in New Brunswick, the Stoney Creek deposit is one of the first oil deposits to have been discovered in this part of Canada. It was documented in 1909 as part of the Dawson Settlement formation sandstones, which are from the Carboniferous period.
Goldboro LNG – ORLEN Upstream Canada holds 7.4% of the shares in Pieridae Energy, a company which manages the project to build a LNG terminal on the eastern coast of Canada. Currently, preparatory work is underway, which will be the basis for the decision on the future direction of the project.


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