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How to deliver an offer?

ORLEN Upstream performs its purchasing processes through the ORLEN Group’s purchasing platform, CONNECT.

The CONNECT system provides access to systematic and transparent information on ORLEN Upstream’s ongoing procurement, makes it easier to place bids, and shortens the time necessary for their completion.

To start using CONNECT, please register on: https://connect.orlen.pl.

After self-marking categories related to your company’s type of products and services you will automatically receive profiled information about ongoing purchasing processes. Bids can be placed on CONNECT in an electronic format only (paper versions are no longer accepted).

Detailed information on the operation and use of the system can be found on the website https://connect.orlen.pl. Register now!


Paper invoices should be sent by registered letter to:

ORLEN Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych Sp. z o.o.

ul. Łukasiewicza 39

09-400 Płock Poland

If you can issue electronic invoices, we encourage you to sign an agreement with ORLEN Upstream to allow us to receive them from you in an electronic format. This will eliminate the need for hardcopies. After signing the agreement, your electronic invoices should be emailed to: efaktura.upst@orlen.pl, with the word “faktura” (invoice) in the subject field of the message.


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