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Annual Performance Appraisal
At ORLEN Upstream, it is our objective not only to provide our employees with the appropriate tools, but also with the competences, knowledge, and access to development opportunities tailored to their needs. In consequence, we have introduced the Annual Performance Appraisal programme. Its objective is to periodically assess the level of competences at all the levels of the organisational structure, and then, based on the data collected, to develop individual training and development plans.
At the heart of the programme is the Competency Model developed by us to define sets of skills and knowledge needed both generally across the company and in the specialised exploration & production positions.
The Annual Performance Appraisal allows us to develop effective and unbiased evaluations of the team’s skills, and the requirements for the candidates who wish to work for our organisation. By approaching each employee in an individualised and repeatable way, the programme makes it possible to effectively expand their knowledge and perfect the skills that are relevant to a given position.
Moreover, the programme supports the succession of functions in the organisation in a very natural way, as it defines clear requirements for positions at different levels of the organisational structure.The Annual Performance Appraisal is targeted at employees in all the departments of the organisation, and it is repeated every year.

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