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Corporate Social Responsibility

At each stage of its operations ORLEN Upstream follows the rules of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.

As one of the leaders of the exploration and production sector in Poland, ORLEN Upstream is an active participant of the economic and civilisation-related development of the country, as well as a reliable social partner. We achieve our goals while at the same time focusing on the development of our personnel and protection of the natural environment. The standard for ORLEN Upstream operations is compliance with international environmental management standards confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates regarding Exploration and Production Management.

The activities carried out in Poland aimed at exploration and in the future at extraction of natural gas from shale formations already seem to provide a significant impulse for the national economy. The exploration of the resources in Poland, in the long term, may impact the decrease of its price both for individuals as well as commercial recipients using gas on an industrial scale.
We strongly believe that economic factors have to correspond with the need to protect natural environment, both with respect to the water protection as well as the CO2 emission reduction. That is why in parallel with the implementation of modern extraction technologies, we implement the most recent environmentally friendly solutions. Moreover, in addition to the activation of the business cycle related to our operations, support of the development of the supply and services system, as well as, creation of new jobs, we are also trying, as a good neighbour, not to forget about the needs of local communities, mostly in such areas as education, including environmental education, and physical culture to promote active lifestyle as its inherent element.
Recently, we have successfully implemented several dozen socially minded projects with beneficiaries being the stakeholders of our company. We get involved in charity activities that  operate on the employee volunteer basis, we support local initiatives, arouse interest in exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
To ORLEN Upstream CSR is an important element of the philosophy behind employee actions and business management. We are a trustworthy company, responding to the social challenges, both nationally as well as within all other areas where we conduct our investment projects. We are for reliable partnership with the society, business partners, employees and natural environment. We encourage everyone to familiarize with the Best Practices Catalogue according to which we plan and implement all our operations.



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