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Our greatest asset is our highly qualified, motivated, experienced, and well-integrated team. Currently, over 100 specialists work in our Warsaw office, representing different specialisations related to the oil & gas sector, plus a number of back office areas. Through their work, the ORLEN Upstream team contributes to our knowledge of the hydrocarbon resources in Poland and Canada, and to their development in line with the growing market demand. We believe that the challenges we tackle every day are highly important for the economies of the countries we operate in, and that by discovering and extracting natural resources to fuel the future. We encourage you to read more about a few selected ORLEN Upstream departments.

The Strategy and Innovation Division

The main tasks of the Strategy and Innovation Division include: monitoring of the upstream sector, comprehensive technical analysis and evaluation of exploration & production assets and companies both in Poland and abroad, with a view to their potential acquisition. The analyses that precede a decision to expand the exploration & production project portfolio include not only a market analysis, but also a number of specialised economic, geological, geophysical, petrophysical, environmental and deposit-related questions. Their aim is to determine the size and production potential of hydrocarbon deposits, and the related political, social and environmental risks. The costs and logistics of prospecting, development and production from hydrocarbon deposits are also estimated. The results of these analyses serve as a basis for the development of economic models which are used to valuate the petroleum assets in question. Strategy and Innovation Division also has a leading role in the company’s R&D and innovation projects, and supports the Management Board in formulating strategic goals for the development of the production segment.

The Exploration Division

Its tasks include the conceptual preparation of prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons and carrying out assessments of the related risks. At the next stage, the division’s employees are responsible for the preparation of geological work plans. In their everyday work, they develop analyses and interpret the data with state-of-the-art geological and geophysical tools and research methods. The comprehensive analyses are based on the knowledge and skills of a team made up of geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists, with extensive experience in the oil & gas industry. Their exploration operations encompass many different fields of geology and geophysics, such as: stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology, structural geology, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, palaeogeography, seismology, microseismology, and petrophysics.

The Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for well design, which includes the technical design, selecting the appropriate drilling technology, and the coordination of the drilling of the well. The team also supervises the process of setting up the drilling rigs, deals with the contracting of drilling equipment and assorted services. Its expertise results in the work being carried out in a safe and efficient way, processes being optimised, and innovative project management systems being implemented.

Furthermore, the Operations Division is responsible for HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) . A dedicated team supervises the process of obtaining administrative decisions, such as water permits and the approvals for production waste management programmes, and inspects the necessary documents of the subcontractors. The team also cooperates with the ORLEN Upstream technical departments, defining tender and contract requirements for environmental monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, measurement of the noise generated during operations, and others. An important task is the updating of the HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) procedures and industrial health and safety documentation. The team’s responsibilities also include inspecting different aspects of environmental protection and safety on the well sites, and participating in the development of environmental analyses. In addition, Operations Division develops guidelines for the implementation of ORLEN Group’s health and safety strategy within ORLEN Upstream, and for the development of a safety culture in the organisation.

The Production Division

The responsibilities of the Production Division include: assessment of new production assets, estimation of the documented hydrocarbon deposits, and elaboration of production models. The team coordinates the work on the exploration and development of documented reserves, including production tests, and results analysis. The Production Divisions team also participates in the designing of the wells (by defining the technical specifications of the production pipes and the so-called “Christmas tree” assembly), and develops conceptual plans of the production and pipeline infrastructure. It also develops simulation models, both for individual wells and whole deposits. An important area of responsibility is the determining of commercial feasibility of deposits. The process includes: a return-on-investment assessment, budget control, scheduling, and supervision over production projects.

The Finance and Controlling Division

The chief tasks of the Finance and Controlling Division include preparing economic and financial analyses, writing financial and executive reports, and the planning and supervision of the budgets of different ORLEN Upstream units. Its employees deal with accounting and controlling, prepare financial estimates for planned CAPEX projects, and evaluate the efficiency of development projects undertaken by the company. Their competences also include record-keeping and tax reporting.

The Organisational and Legal Division

The main task of the Organisational and Legal Department is executing corporate governance over the companies constituting the ORLEN Upstream group. The employees of the department coordinate and supervise the organisational aspects of the company, provide their expert opinion on management rules, and provide a broad range of other services for the company. Consequently, the Organisational and Legal Division includes procurement, legal counsel, and a team responsible for public relations, marketing, corporate communication and CSR.

Back office Departments

ORLEN Upstream’s successes in achieving its operational goals would not be possible without the supporting departments. They include the HR Department, which oversees the processes related to the employees, and the Administration Department, which ensures that the ORLEN Upstream office remains friendly, functional and properly equipped. Effective and efficient functioning of IT systems is ensured by the IT Department.


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