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Intern programme



At ORLEN Upstream we are happy to share our knowledge with young engineers, who are only beginning their professional adventure in the oil & gas industry. The ORLEN Upstream traineeship program, called ORLEN Upstream – Career Stepping Stone was conceived with M. Eng. students and graduates.


As part of the programme, monthly traineeship rounds are organised at the ORLEN Upstream headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. Depending on the current situation in our operations and the leading department supervising the traineeship, the participants may also take part in field trips to the locations of our seismic, drilling or production work.


Participants in the ORLEN Upstream – Career Stepping Stone programme are attached to a leading department selected from the following areas: geology and geophysics, drilling, production and reservoir engineering, new ventures, and environmental protection & HSE. The trainees are acquainted with the nature of the business of an oil & gas operator by working not only with their leading department, but also other departments in the ORLEN Upstream organisational structure.


The traineeships are organised in three rounds, held from July to September. Every year, between ten and twenty people participate in the ORLEN Upstream – Career Stepping Stone programme. Some twenty-six per cent of the trainees found jobs with ORLEN Upstream on completing the traineeship.


After every edition, we collect feedback from the participants in the form of evaluation questionnaires. The questionnaires enable us to modify subsequent editions to make them suit the real needs and expectations of the participants as much as possible. Here are some of the opinions expressed by our trainees over the past few years:



  • The traineeship was conducted in a great atmosphere and I would love to work at the company longer.
  • I would like to come back here for good.
  • I don’t feel like leaving. Traineeships that are THAT good should be made illegal 
  • Delivering the final presentation was a great idea.
  • What was great was that we had a chance to spend a full day in every department.
  • The group work (with other trainees) was great – it helped our group integrate and gave us a great opportunity to exchange our knowledge and experience.
  • The traineeship was at the highest quality level.
  • I liked the traineeship at your company very much. I will always remember the fantastic atmosphere and the opportunities to gain knowledge from experts.
  • I wish the traineeship could last longer.
  • My supervisor was very helpful and fulfilled his role very well.






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