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Everyday safety

18-09-2014  News

Everyday safety
18 September is the date on which the ORLEN Group celebrates the Day for Safety and Health Protection but continuous care for the employees’ safety forms part of ORLEN’s integrated management system, bringing about everyday benefits and improving the quality of work.
With all the ORLEN Group companies implementing requirements of the Safety and Health Prevention Programme, the initiative’s objective is to continue to improve the corporate culture of work safety and to consolidate ORLEN’s standards currently in force. 
As part of the ORLEN’s Day for Safety and Health Protection celebrations, which are to take place on 18 September, the Management Board of ORLEN Upstream has prepared a meeting on travel safety for the company employees. Business trips involve frequent changes of work environment and require transport of individuals and equipment, which should be carried out in a conscious and secure manner. With the above in mind, all the employees have received ICE bands, the abbreviation standing for “In Case of Emergency”. The user’s data embedded on the band inform medical services about the person to be notified in case of emergency with the ID holder involved. The ICE abbreviation is widely known in Europe and in many other countries worldwide. Additionally, travel safety workshops, have been held.
ORLEN Upstream adheres to the HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) Policy in its daily operations with particular attention. Every person entering a well or fracking site needs to have completed occupational safety training first. Moreover, relevant educational and informational boards constantly remind of the applicable rules in place, and there are meetings with Health and Safety staff organised twice a day.
Employees’ involvement in co-creating good work practices is the best way to promote Health and Safety rules in the workplace. The employer, on the other hand, is responsible for providing adequate PPE as well as tools and procedures to ensure proper implementation of these practices. Our efforts result in an effective work observation system and in minimising the risk of accidents during everyday operations,” stresses Magdalena Piątkowska, ORLEN Upstream Operations Office Manager.
Within the process of improving general safety, the observation system is based on participation of every person on the site. Employees who notice even the tiniest equipment defect or installation fault, or any improper conduct on the part of other people, report it to site safety officers on an ongoing basis. Not only are the reported irregularities eliminated immediately, but they are also reviewed during daily crew meetings in order to draw conclusions mutually with the whole team. The system ensures ongoing quality monitoring and all employees’ involvement in improving work safety.
It is worth mentioning that positive remarks, regarding e.g. appropriate response to a potential threat, are also collected. Oftentimes, visitors to our operation sites share with us their favourable opinions on the safety system observed,” Ms Piątkowska added.
Comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment system management constitutes a core priority for ORLEN Upstream. All operations within the hydrocarbon deposits exploration and production are carried out by the company in accordance with the HSSE system responsible for good practices and procedures regarding health, safety, security and the environment.


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