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Global Shale Gas Regulation in the Offing

25-01-2012  News

Recommendations on Shale Gas Regulation
The International Energy Agency proposes to issue this autumn recommendations for regulation of shale gas exploitation Speaking on Monday at a conference in Geneva, IEA Deputy Director General Richard Jones said: “"If you're going to have global gas, you have to have global rules”. Poland is an IEA member. Jones explained that the recommendations would concern regulations in IEA members and countries cooperating with the IEA, to enable extraction of shale gas at minimum damage to the environment. “We feel that a number of countries inside and outside the IEA are interested in improving these technologies, and this is something where we're working with them to collectively see what rules make sense. But we're not talking about trying to negotiate any kind of a contract, at least not at this stage," Jones said.
Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, 25 January 2012, p. 23, by qub

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