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Marshall Bets on Shale

04-02-2012  News

Witold Stępień sees the opportunity for the region in the extraction of shale gas. Another eight Marshals of the provinces share similar views. But first the residents have to be convinced.

Some of the deposits are located in the Łódź province, even though there is no certainty whether their extraction will be profitable. Despite the fact that the word “shale” puts the ecologists right on their feet. In turn, local authorities see the source of profit in the shale. That is why ten Marshals of the provinces (Mazowieckie, Pomerania, Kujawy and Pomerania, Lublin, Łódź, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie, Warmia and Mazury and West Pomerania provinces) co-operate in order to prepare for the potential investments. “When it turns out that we actually have plenty of that wealth and it is profitable to extract it, we will become independent when it comes to energy” believes Witold Stępień, Marshal of the Łódź province.

The signatories of the letter of intent regarding shale gas think how local authorities could co-operate so that it is easier for the potential investors to talk to residents and environmental organizations. “During the discussions, special emphasis was put on the issue of preparing reliable information for the residents in order to describe in detail all the advantages and opportunities which may arise from the shale gas extraction,” reports the Marshal. “This is a big opportunity for each region and the entire country. A lot of new jobs will be created. That is why, together with regions which are interested in the shale gas, we plan to establish work groups which will co-operate with each other,” says the Marshal.
Gazeta Wyborcza Łódź, Page no.: 1, 2012-02-04, by: MF

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