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Meeting entitled “Polish Shale Gas Day” at the Polish National Geological InstituteMeeting entitled “Polish Shale Gas Day” at the Polish National Geological Institute

30-03-2010  News

​On 30 March 2010 a working meeting entitled “Polish Shale Gas Day” was held at the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw. More than 100 people took part, including the managers of Polish companies Orlen / Orlen Upstream and PGNiG as well as from world’s largest energy companies such as ExxonMobil, Lane – ConocoPhilips, Chevron, Marathon, BNK Petroleum, Talisman, and EurEnergy, and scientists and representatives of the government. Experts from geophysical and drilling companies working in the field of gas explorations were in attendance – Schlumberger, Halliburton, Poszukiwania Nafty i Gazu Kraków, and Geofizyka Toruń. The government was represented by directors of departments of the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of the Economy and the High Office of Mining.

Aside from technical questions, issues of the choice of strategy for exploration over the coming years were discussed. Companies from the energy sector presented their expectations of the public administration and proposed changes in regulations.

Additional Information:  www.pgi.gov.pl/index.php


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