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ORLEN Upstream Has Started Seismic Survey in the Lublin Region

18-03-2010  News

​ORLEN Upstream has entered the next stage of explorative works concerning oil and natural gas deposits in the Lublin region. Those works are carried out in concession blocks: Bełżyce, Garwolin, Lublin, Lubartów, Wierzbica, and include performing field reflection seismic 2D survey along the previously designed routes of new profiles. Those profiles, having the total length of 220 km, were traced out based on the performed analyses of archival geological and deposit as well as geophysical data that had been previously reprocessed and reinterpreted. Those analyses, lasting from autumn 2007, allowed for designating a dozen or so interesting, prospective objects that may contain deposits of hydrocarbons. The main contractor for the designed seismic works, selected in the public procurement procedure, is the Geofizyka Kraków Sp. z o.o. company having appropriate specialist equipment and many years’ experience of performing such works in Poland and worldwide.
Results of the currently conducted seismic survey along with interpretation are expected to be available in June 2010. They will make it possible to verify information about the geological structure of that region and will serve to select locations of possible drilling works. The main horizons with which major prospects are connected and where the largest deposits of that region were discovered are sand and mudstone formations of the carboniferous period lying at the depth from about 1,200 to more than 3,000 metres.
Moreover, in the area of Lublin, also in concessions belonging to PKN ORLEN, there are lower Palaeozoic era (Silurian, Ordovician periods) mudstone formations of relatively low basinal characteristics containing gas referred to as unconventional gas or shale gas. Its exploitation is possible only when modern technologies are used that allow for increasing the production by improving the permeability of rocks through various operations, among others, fracturing. The currently performed seismic works will allow to determine the depth at which those formations can be found and the possibility of their exploitation in the area of PKN ORLEN’s activities.
PKN ORLEN is the first company to carry out explorative works in that region after many years’ break.
Currently PKN ORLEN has five concession blocks of the total area of 4,700 km2 in the Lublin region where it can conduct explorative and reconnaissance works.


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