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ORLEN Upstream Sets Standards For the Implementation of Exploration and Extraction Projects


In the result of the audit carried out in the area of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) safety system, ORLEN Upstream received a certificate confirming the compliance of the introduced system with the requirements of the PN-N 18001:2004 standard in the area of the supervision and implementation of the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction projects. This standard is a collection of requirements that enables organisation and systematisation of all actions related with work safety.
ORLEN Upstream, aiming at the highest standards in the management of process and operational project implementation, attaches special attention to appropriately high safety level. This is necessary in this business both because of the necessity to comply with strict regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry as well as due to high social expectations. 
“The committed and competent team of employees as well as appropriate procedures constitute key elements in the implementation of the development strategy of our Company. The functioning within the implemented HSSE system provides sound foundations for the continuous organisational growth while maintaining the highest safety standards,” said Wiesław Prugar, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Upstream.
In particular, the PN-N 18001:2004 standard is about consistent implementation of the established actions including, but not limited to, drafting and announcing to the workforce policy statements and goals regarding safety, defining responsibilities and rights of individual employees with respect of actions in support of work safety and hygiene, ensuring appropriate training programs and providing incentives to employees to work safely. Additionally, the system constitutes grounds of efficient and organised communications with respect to safety providing the possibility to assess vocational risk and develop the rules of responding to accidents at work as well as to implement remedies and preventive actions.
ORLEN Upstream received the certificate on 30 October 2012.  The Company already has 2 distinctions regarding the management of exploration and extraction operations according to the ISO standard – Quality Management System certificate (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental Management System certificate (ISO 14001:2004).
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