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ORLEN Upstream: a Partner in the Enterprise Council in Lublin Region Gala

22-02-2012  News

On February 22, 2012 the Enterprise Council of the Lublin Region held an annual meeting with members of Parliament, entrepreneurs and municipal and province authorities. The venue was Lublin’s the Crown Tribunal.
For five years now the Lublin Enterprise Council has brought together major companies in the region. The Council’s principal objects are to create a positive business environment and to support the economic development of the Lublin province. The Lublin Enterprise Council gives its annual award for outstanding work for the Lublin region. In previous years this distinction had been awarded to politicians who showed the highest commitment to the region’s affairs. This year the award went to all the media engaged in a push for the continued construction of the S17 expressway in response to plans to re-schedule this project.
This year’s edition of the signing ceremony of a Lublin Declaration, a document which lays down the major directions of the province’s development, enjoyed the patronage of ORLEN Upstream. The company was represented by Management Board Vice-president Paweł Martynek who delivered on this occasion a short address pointing to the huge potential of the Lublin region. He also referred to the activities of ORLEN Upstream, whose exploration concessions are mostly in this hydrocarbons-rich area.  He noted the advantages offered by the development of the non-conventional gas sector in Poland, a process likely to be driven by the Lublin province.
Like every year, during the gala the Council members signed an updated Declaration on Extra-political Cooperation Across Divisions for the Lublin Region. By the Council’s decision an additional topic was inserted in the Declaration, Council decided to support activities related to shale gas extraction. As one of the gala’s highlights, MEP Professor Lena Kolarska-Bobińska spoke about shale gas, addressing from the vantage point of Brussels the opportunities and the challenges for the development of non-conventional gas exploration in Poland and the Lublin region.

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