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ORLEN Upstream for Voluntary Fire Brigade

19-12-2012  News

Yesterday PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Upstream and Anwil made donations to almost 60 professional and voluntary fire brigade units. Willing to provide active aid for the initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the broadly understood safety, PKN ORLEN also supported the campaign initiated by the National Headquarters of the Fire Service of Poland: NO TO CARBON MONOXIDE.
The ceremony of handing over donations to the voluntary and professional fire brigade units took place for the fifth time. This year, the Corporation allocated almost PLN 400,000 to that purpose. The funds were given to a several dozen units all over the country, including, in particular, units from the territories affected by this year’s natural calamities and the area of Płock, Włocławek  and Lublin. It was the first time that the companies from the ORLEN capital group, namely: ORLEN Upstream and Anwil, got involved in the project. The representatives of the professional and voluntary fire brigade units from all over Poland attended this year’s ceremony.
“The co-operation with you means to us not only the commitment but a great satisfaction. I would like to assure you that you have a loyal ally and a partner in us,” said Piotr Chełmiński, Member of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN for Petrochemical Operations, who was present at this year’s ceremony of handing over the donations. “We have been supporting your activities for 12 years now by donating equipment, fire extinguishing agents, fuel cards and funds. I believe that our support means something and looking at it more broadly it translates to the improvement of the safety in Poland,” added the President.
Safety is one of the strategic areas of the Corporation social responsibility. The ORLEN Group cares for the highest safety standards in its facilities following procedures that are  based on the best international models, training and improving qualifications of its employees, implementing state-of-the-art technologies. Also, the Corporation gets involved in many external initiatives, e.g. it takes active part in the System of Assistance in Hazardous Materials Transport or the National Fire-fighting and Rescue System into which in 2001 the Company Fire Brigade of PKN ORLEN was included.
This year the Company and its “ORLEN – Dar Serca” Foundation also supported the preventive and educational campaign “NO TO CARBON MONODIXE” initiated by the National Headquarters of the Fire Service of Poland. Its objective is to eliminate threats related with the carbon monoxide poisoning. At the first stage, PKN ORLEN intends to equip all the Family-type Children’s Homes that are supported by the Orlen Foundation with carbon monoxide detectors.
Press Office
Photo by: Grzegorz Rogiński
On the photo the President of the Management Board of ORLEN Upstream, Mr Wiesław Prugar, who handed over the donations to 20 units of the Voluntary Fire Brigade from the Mazowsze and Lublin regions. The award is received by Mr Jan Zuchniak, President of the Management Board, District Branch of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Górzno.

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