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ORLEN Upstream on the perspectives of mining shale gas in Poland at the Global Shale Gas Summit 2010 in Warsaw

20-07-2010  News

​During the Global Shale Gas Summit 2010 held in Warsaw from 19 to 20 July . Wiesław Prugar, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Upstream presented the most important assumptions of PKN ORLEN mining plans for the next years. The development of the upstream segment is the key element of the PKN ORLEN long-term strategy. At present we focus our attention on analyzing the potential of all search and mining projects, paying special attention to shale gas deposits. We focus both on geological research, the evaluation of mining conditions and the selection of a partner for the project who would ensure access to the required technology and who would share the risk inherent in this kind of enterprise – said Wiesław Prugar.

PKN ORLEN holds 5 search licences for the area of Lublin with the total surface area of 4 728 km2 and the area with high potential of shale gas presence covers 1 200 km2. At present the second stage of intensive geological research is coming to a close, which will make it possible to assess the potential of deposits and the environmental impact of shale gas mining. Coverage of these works can be viewed in the attached video file and at  http://www.orlen.pl/PL/CentrumPrasowe/Wideokonferencje/Strony/default.aspx.
Low urbanization of the area (below 5%) and favourable environmental conditions within the licensed area are a good starting point for taking subsequent decisions concerning project development in this region. Next year we are planning the first drilling in the Lublin area and we hope it will confirm the presence of shale gas in amounts appropriate for industrial mining – adds Wiesław Prugar.

ORLEN Upstream is a company belonging to ORLEN Capital Group. ORLEN, which develops search and mining projects. The company implements projects on the Baltic Sea shelf (Latvia) in cooperation with the Kuwait Energy Company on the basis of two licences. Upstream is planning drillings in the area of Sieraków, within a mining project realized jointly by PKN ORLEN and PGNiG. Specialists from both companies assess that commercial exploitation of deposits may start in 2016.


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