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ORLEN Upstream on the podium of websites ranking of the Ministry of Environment's concessionaires

11-05-2012  News

ORLEN Upstream was ranked second in the first edition of websites ranking including 19 exploration and production companies. The list has been prepared by the Centre for Energy Studies - Tischner European University in Cracow. The ranking was based on analyzes of concessionaires’ websites, as well as discussions and interviews with representatives of local government units.
While preparing the ranking special significance has been ascribed to information from the municipalities were drillings and communication activities conducted prior to exploration and production operations in a given region. The key criterion for the ranking was the assumption that access to basic information about the activities of the concession holders and their local activity is the most important factor in building a trustworthy image of an investor.
Among the best-rated enterprises were mainly Polish companies: PGNiG, ORLEN Upstream and LOTOS Petrobaltic. Marks granted for particular elements of websites, as well as the total final results were far better from the assessment received by foreign companies of which only Emfesz stood out.
ORLEN Upstream has received high marks in such important categories as access to basic information about the company, the frequency of updates, information provided in two language versions and availability of contact details. Moreover, clear description of the company projects and high value of publications on shale gas were also appreciated.
When presenting the 1st edition of the ranking, CAEWSE indicated that despite the often long-term presence in Poland, most of the entities included in the review does not have a website in Polish, or even a dedicated subsite. In addition, companies do not provide local contact details and do not include information on current projects.
The subsequent editions will take into account the following factors: an extended analysis of the criteria, the results of questionnaires sent to enterprises and outcomes of the direct consultations involving elements of needs analysis.


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