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Orlen: Drilling in the Lublin Region to Commence in 2011


​PKN Orlen continues exploratory work pursuant to a concession awarded to the company in 2008 in the area of the Lublin region. “Currently, we are getting ready to commence field work comprising in procurement of new seismic 2D data on already interpreted facilities. The work will start in spring this year. In the case of a positive verification, the first drilling will start in 2011,” says Beata Karpińska from the PKN press office.

“In the course of the last two years, the company has conducted detailed analyses of archival geological and geo-physical materials, which enabled determination of potential objectives for further, more detailed examination, in particular in the Carboniferous reservoir formations,” continues our interlocutor. Analytical and re-interpretation work was conducted in cooperation with experts from the National Research Institute in Warsaw.

Exploratory work, aimed at the discovery of crude oil and natural gas deposits in the Lublin region, has been conducted by PKN Orlen since 2008. The area of five exploratory concessions awarded to the concern by the Minister of the Environment in this region encompasses an area of approx. 5,000 square kilometres.

Since June 2009, PKN - together with PGNiG - has been conducting an exploratory project in north-western Poland. Its aim is to explore and manage the industrial accumulation of hydrocarbons in the Sieraków facility. Currently, study work is under-way, whose objective is to determine locations for another exploratory drilling.

In cooperation with a partner from Kuwait, Orlen also conducts a search of crude oil and natural gas deposits in the Latvian economic zone of the Baltic Sea. In August 2009, the partners obtained another exploratory concession in the same region. According to the assurances of Beata Karpińska, Orlen has not ceased its efforts aimed at procurement of deposits with stabilised hydrocarbon production.

Source: wnp.pl 12-02-2010 10:03, author: Marcin Szczepański


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