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Orlen to Fracture Shale Zones This Year

09-02-2012  News

In 2011 PKN Orlen completed its first vertical shale gas exploration wells at Lubartów and Wierzbica.
The results were encouraging enough for the group to plan new vertical drilling on the both concession blocks. In the case of Wierzbica, where the well was made earlier, it is already known that horizontal drilling and fracturing will commence this June, subject to positive test results. No similar decision has yet been taken with respect to Lubartów.
In 2012 seismic tests will be carried out on the Hrubieszów concession block. With regard to the Sieradz and Łódź, the group has planned the re-interpretation of archival seismic data.
PKN Orlen is also involved in prospecting for oil deposits. At this point the group analyses data for the selection of wellsites in the Lublin region and on the Latvian continental shelf, where the drilling of the first well is scheduled to commence still this year.
Source: wnp.pl, author: Marcin Szczepański, 09.02.2012

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