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PKN ORLEN's subsidiary: ORLEN Upstream Ltd has purchased bonds issued by PKN ORLEN


Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN Spolka Akcyjna ("PKN ORLEN") hereby informs that in order to optimise the management of financial liquidity within the PKN ORLEN Capital Group, on 18 March 2010 PKN ORLEN issued short term bonds to its subsidiary, ORLEN Upstream Sp. z o.o. („ORLEN Upstream”). The bonds were issued in accordance with the Bond Issue Programme signed by PKN ORLEN and a syndicate of 6 banks in November 2006.
The bonds are used for managing the working capital of PKN ORLEN Capital Group. 
The bonds were issued in compliance with the Law on Bonds dated 29 June 1995 (unified text: Journal of Laws, 2001 No 120, point 1300 with subsequent changes) in Polish zlotys, as bearer, dematerialized, unsecured, and zero-coupon securities. The redemption of the bonds will be at their nominal value.
The bonds purchased today by ORLEN Upstream were issued by PKN ORLEN with the following issue conditions:
Series: ORLEN280190410; value of the bond issue PLN 4 500 000 composed of 45 bonds with a nominal value of  PLN 100 000 per bond.
- Date of issue: 18 March 2010
- Redemption date: 19 April 2010
- Yield on bonds: based on market conditions, unit nominal price amounted to PLN 99 678.40.
PKN ORLEN owns 100% of the registered capital of ORLEN Upstream.


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