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Potentates Are Prospecting for Gas in Lublin Region

01-02-2012  News

Two wells were drilled in 2011 in the Lublin region by companies exploring for shale gas.
Three wells are in process and several more will be carried out in 2012, said the Director of the District Mining Authority in Lublin, Stanisław Kurek. A bore hole drilled by Exxon Mobil at Krynica near Krasnystaw went 3.8 thousand meters deep. Orlen Upstream has completed drilling at Syczyn in the Wierzbica commune; this well is about 2.9 thousand meters deep. Chevron is drilling at Horodysko in the Leśniowice commune, ORLEN Upstream - at Berejowo in the Niedźwiada commune and Marathon Oil is prospecting for gas at Zagórze in the Cyców commune. Chevron has already notified the Mining Authority that in 2012 it will drill several more wells: at Andrzejów in the Godziszów commune, Księżomierz Dzierzkowski near the town of Kraśnik, Żurawlow in the Grabowiec commune, and in the area around Zwierzyniec. Stanisław Kurek believes that even more drilling projects can be expected, though official notifications have yet to be given. “The number of available drilling rigs is a limiting factor”, says Kurek.
Source: Polska Dziennik Łódzki, 2 January 2012, p. 10, by Jan Kowalski

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