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"Rzeczpospolita" about the perspectives of mining and manufacturing shale gas in Poland

29-11-2010  News

A conference, “Shale Gas as a new element of the Polish energy market”, organized by the editorial board of “Rzeczpospolita” will be held on Tuesday, 30 November at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw. The Honorary Patronage of the event was taken by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Three discussion sessions have been planned in the conference programme. During the first of them the invited guests will try to answer the question asked by the organizers: "Polish shale gas - reality or fiction?”. The participants of the panel will include: Poland's Chief Geologist, Vice-Minister of the Environment Henryk Jacek Jezierski,PhD, President of PKN ORLEN Jacek Krawiec, President of the American Chamber of Commerce Roman Rewald, a Representative of the Ministry of Economy, a Representative of the Ministry of Treasury. Key issues submitted for discussion include the implications concerning the mining of unconventional gas in Poland and the evaluation of prospects of changing the current shape of the gas market in Europe.
During the second panel representatives of ORLEN Upstream – President Wiesław Prugar, PGNiG – President of the Supervisory Board Prof. Stanisław Rychlicki, AGH University of Science and Technology – Prof. Stanisław Nagy and the National Institute of Geology – Paweł Poprawa, will discuss experiences to date and will present plans concerning the search mining of shale gas in Poland.
The third session, during which reports of Demos Europe „How to build the shale gas sector in Poland" and of the Legal Office Domański Zakrzewski Palinka will be presented, will begin after 1:00PM. The discussion will cover issues concerning the Polish specificity of mining and manufacturing gas from unconventional sources and the catalogue of responsibilities and possibilities of a license owner in Poland.


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