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Wiesław PRUGAR,, MSc., Eng. „Silver Engineer 2009" in the category „Manager"


Thanks to the continued progress and implementation of latest technologies, we can reach the resources of hydrocarbons we only could dream of only a few years ago. These technologies include, among other, the possibility to drill very precise horizontal holes (with horizontal sections), the length of which can reach several kilometres, which allows to reach the resources of gas which only recently were not treated as resources. This is also a new understanding of the prospect geology, thanks to more efficient and modern IT tools. These are also modern devices and specialist technologies in chemistry, very sophisticated engineering, mechanics, hydraulics. Thanks to these innovations, new concepts were created in scope of exploring opportunities and in consequence, new equipment was designed to support these ideas.

Of course, scientific knowledge is necessary in all this. Without good ideas, basing on thorough knowledge of our engineers, no success can be achieved. The technologies, machines, are only tools for execution, they allow for a more precise processing of data obtained as a result of seismologic surface exploring, they influence the quality of this interpretation. All this is to aim at minimising the risk and increase the odds for a research success. Our engineers, using foreign programs, elaborate their own theories, create their own modifications and apply the algorithms they created to support the interpretation and analysis of potential prospects. We are also using external knowledge. This way, we want to learn quickly and keep abreast of modern prospecting concepts.

The increase of prospecting potential allows to have an optimistic outlook to the future. I believe that soon, the output of gas and crude oil globally and in Poland should increase.
Przegląd Techniczny no. 4/2010 - 21.02.2010  - page 12


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