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Exploratory success of PKN ORLEN in Podkarpacie


ORLEN Upstream, owned by PKN ORLEN, in charge of implementing a strategy on exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons has discovered another natural gas deposit in Podkarpacie. The deposit could be found by means of Bystrowice-OU1 borehole thanks to the use of the latest technologies of seismic surveys as well as interpretation of geophysical and geological data.  


- Further development of the upstream segment is one of the priorities accomplished by ORLEN Group on a consistent basis. An increase in the production level and extent of available 2P reserves will positively contribute both to outcome of ORLEN Group and to energy security of the country. Therefore, we will centre around on good quality of assets and the most profitable projects. The Podkarpacie region is still amongst very perspective ones in the area of natural gas explorations in Poland. And this is confirmed by the exploratory success in Bystrowice - says Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management board. 


The recoverable reserves of the Bystrowice deposit field are estimated at 2 billion m3 of high-methane natural gas with more than 98% methane content. Extraction from the deposit may last approx. 10 years. Whereas, geological resources of the PKN ORLEN licence in Podkarpacie are estimated at about 10 billion m3. Precise data can be provided after sampling and conducting production tests of all gas-bearing horizons. The company plans to carry out further drilling works within this licence in the coming years to make the deposit accessible for exploitation. 


In Bystrowice there is the so-called multi-horizontal field in which a few rock layers are saturated with high-methane natural gas. The Bystrowice-OU1 borehole is located in the Podkarpacie Voivodeship and it is made within Miocen project. Last week, drilling works came to an end, achieving final depth of 2165 m. At present, works consisting in fixing downhole equipment are in progress to exploit in a way that allows making two horizons accessible at the same time on a selective basis.


Bystrowice is another exploratory success of ORLEN Upstream this year after Wielkopolska and Kujawy. Currently, PKN ORLEN is conducting activities in the upstream segment in Poland and Canada. The average extraction by ORLEN Upstream in the 2nd quarter of 2018 came to 18 thousand BOE/d, and resources at the end of 2017 were estimated at the level of 152 million BOE. In Poland, the company carries out the extraction process together with PGNiG from fields situated in the Wielkopolska Voivodeship. Moreover, ORLEN Upstream prepares for the deposit development in the Kujawy and Pomorze Voivodeship.  

While conducting explorations of hydrocarbons, PKN ORLEN comes in the policy aimed at ensuring energy security to Poland. 


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