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ORLEN Upstream and PGNiG continue to drill the Miłosław E gas field


​ORLEN Upstream and PGNiG drill another well at the Miłosław E gas field. This is the second well in this area. The performance of these works will enable the documented gas deposits to be explored more effectively. 

The new well, Miłosław-6H, was designed as a hole with a horizontal section in Rotliegend formations, which should provide much greater gas flows. Its total length will be approximately 4,700 m. The vertical section is planned to reach as deep as 3,680 m, whereas the horizontal section will be as long as 800 m. The Miłosław-6H well is located approximately 100 m from Miłosław-4K. The drilling which started today will last 80 days. 

"The application of the horizontal drilling technology has gave quite positive flows when it comes to the existing wells in this area" said Janusz Radomski, President of the Board at ORLEN Upstream. "Thanks to the horizontal sections in other wells, we could increase the production from the Rotliegend formations, which is our target within the Płotki project"

The gas field, Miłosław E, from which both companies began producing gas in 2017, lies in the Płotki project area, in the commune of Miłosław (Września County, Greater Poland Voivodeship). It was documented in 2015 while drilling the Miłosław-4K well under the Kórnik-Środa licence (no. 32/96/p). 

The reserves were then estimated at approx. 900 million m3 of nitrogen-rich natural gas; the projected exploration of the deposit will last for 15-20 years to come.

ORLEN Upstream, a daughter company of PKN ORLEN within the scope of exploring and producing hydrocarbons, has 49 % of shares in this project. PGNiG has the remaining part and is the operator.



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