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ORLEN Upstream has commenced drilling Bystrowice-OU1 well

18-07-2018  News

ORLEN Upstream started drilling works in the Podkarpacie region. Within operations planned on the Miocen project area Bystrowice-OU1 well will be drilled. It is one of three projects in south-eastern Poland. 

The Bystrowice-OU1 well is located in Więckowice village, in Roźwienica municipality, in the Podkarpacie Region. It will be the first borehole made by ORLEN Upstream on the area covered by Siennów-Rokietnica licence, forming the Miocen project. Its planned depth will be 2150 metres TVD*/2183 metres MD**, and the works will last approximately 80 days. 

- The Miocen project located within the Małopolska Oil Province is one of several projects conducted by ORLEN Upstream in Poland. This area has long oil history, and natural gas deposits earlier documented nearby confirm a large exploratory potential - said Janusz Radomski, President of the Management Board of ORLEN Upstream. 

The Siennów-Rokietnica licence (No. 8/2015/p) is located in a south-eastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep and creates the independent Miocen project. It was granted by the Ministry of the Environment to ORLEN Upstream at the end of 2015. In 2016 on its area Bystrowice SWATH 3D seismic survey was carried out. Obtained data - complemented by archival geological information - allowed selecting the location of the Bystrowice-OU1 well.

Miocen is one of three projects in south-eastern Poland which ORLEN Upstream has stepped in. The company additionally conducts works within the independent Karpaty project and Bieszczady project together with PGNiG. 

* TVD (true vertical depth) - total vertical depth of the well measured from the ground level to the bottom of the well.
** MD (measured depth) - true length of the well measured from the ground level to the bottom of the well, taking the inclination into consideration.


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