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Comprehensive occupational health and safety management is a top priority for ORLEN Upstream.
All operations are conducted with reference to the implemented HSSE system (Health Safety Security Environment) which provides best practices and procedures related to health, safety and environmental protection measures. Particular emphasis is laid on preventive monitoring and minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment, while providing maximum comfort and safety of our employees.
The idea of the HSSE system is also complete and documented involvement of every employee in the actual performance for work safety. In particular, measures have been taken to develop and familiarize employees with health and safety policy, ensuring proper training and motivating personnel to safe and hygienic work.
The HSSE system is for ORLEN Upstream staff and its subcontractors the basis for efficient and organized communication in terms of health and safety. Implemented rules enable risk assessment and the development of rules to respond to occupational accidents, thus, plan corrective and preventive actions.

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