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In 2009, an audit and certification was conducted on the Company which resulted in the Companyreceiving two certificates: (1) Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008; and (2) Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004 in the field of "Exploration and Production Management". Thanks to effective management and a cohesive team approach to all activities of the Company, all operations are performed at the highest professional level and in compliance with high quality standards. The certified Integrated Management System stimulates the Company's dynamic development and strengthens its position on the local and international market.
The functioning within the Quality Management System based on the international standard ISO 9001:2008 ensures that our activities related to the implementation of hydrocarbons exploration and production projects, comply with all applicable requirements of the industry. We make every effort to achieve distinctive business goals posed by PKN ORLEN. The catalogue of internal policies and procedures, as well as committed and competent team of employees form a stable foundation, so that we support the development strategy of ORLEN Group. The Quality Management System allows for continuous development of our organization, thus, we can meet the expectations of all entities involved.

At the same time we take the utmost care to analyze the impact of our business on the natural environment. We believe that the proper managing of this system affects the effectiveness of our activities. The functioning of the Environmental Management System implemented in our organization according to ISO 14001:2004 allows us to better understand the relationship between our work and the environment. Owing to well-defined procedures and equipment we are able to use the environment responsibly. We require the same model of conduct from all our subcontractors.

Due to the nature of conducted activities we have taken the decision to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Management System PN-N 18001:2004. We believe that proper management is the most effective way to ensure a sufficiently high level of safety, desired both of the need to respect the oil&gas industry laws and the need for addressing social expectations, and finally because of the possibility of a positive economic impact on our organization.

ORLEN Upstream is equipped with the latest generation IT and analytical tools for comprehensive project evaluation, including the technical, economic and financial aspects of the projects. Such modern project analysis tools help to reduce the risks related to project selection and implementation. Both the evaluation and implementation of the projects is based on the best standards and practices used in the global oil and gas business.

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