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Project Operations

Even though the majority of ORLEN Upstream employees are engineers and oil & gas experts, the company could not exist, and our team would not be complete, without the employees of the departments which are not directly linked to our operational activity. Our Project: Operations is addressed to the employees of these “non-technological” departments.

As part of the project, we regularly organise field trips for our office employees to visit our operations sites, and we conduct specialised internal training. Initiatives like this make it possible for people who do not deal with hydrocarbon exploration and production to learn more about seismicity, drilling, and production work. During every field trip, the group have an ORLEN Upstream engineer as a guide, who provides them with an informative introduction and then accompanies the group during the trip.

Knowledge exchange happens spontaneously within the groups, and the field trips meet with a lot of interest on the part of the participants in the project. In addition to the educational aspect, the field trips contribute to team integration in different organisational areas of the company.


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