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Study of commitment and satisfaction

At ORLEN Upstream we strive to create a work environment that is friendly to all the team members. We listen carefully to the opinions, needs and suggestions of the employees. In order to encourage our team to provide us with their feedback, we carry out an Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey, which has been designed in line with the ORLEN Group standards and guidelines.

The goal of the survey is to identify the areas of the work environment that significantly impact the employees’ involvement, and to pinpoint the aspects that need further work or the introduction of new solutions.

All ORLEN Upstream employees receive the survey in the form of an online questionnaire. Since one of the main requirements for the survey is to ensure full comfort of the respondents, the survey is anonymous and the participation in it is voluntary.

Feedback from the respondents allows us to estimate the level of satisfaction with the work environment offered by ORLEN Upstream, and the commitment of the employees in contributing to the organisation’s success.

The survey is an important element of elaborating our HR policy, which needs to correspond to our strategy, the development of the company, and the needs of the employees. The information we collect allows us to modify various aspects of the work environment in line with the needs of our team and the capabilities of the company.


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