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Talent development program

At ORLEN Upstream, we acknowledge and appreciate the potential of our employees. With a view to promoting the growth of our team and meeting the business needs of the organisation, we have introduced the Talent Development Program. Its aim is to identify high-potential employees who stand out as having above-average knowledge, skills and competences, and who have attitudes that are in line with the values of the organisation, in order to prepare them to take up managerial roles in the company.

In the course of a 1.5-year-long cycle, the participants in the Talent Development Program broaden their knowledge of the organisation and go through developmental and managerial training. Throughout the programme, they are supported by a mentor selected from amongst the management staff.

After successfully completing the programme, the employees have the required scope of managerial knowledge and competences. Consequently, they become successors to the managerial positions in the company.

10 participants and 6 mentors participated in the first edition of the Talent Development Program. They went through a 100-hour cycle of external and internal developmental and managerial training.

This video summarises the inaugural edition of the programme:


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