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Mobility Program

One of the opportunities created by working for an ORLEN Group company is the exchange of knowledge and experiences within the framework of the Mobility Program. The programme has been initiated to benefit from the competences and potential of our Polish and Canadian employees even more, to foster the exchange of knowledge and professional experience, and to develop an organisational culture based on The core values and standards of conduct of PKN ORLEN.

The Mobility Program is a knowledge and experience exchange platform for employees at different levels of the organisational structure, which also enables them to rapidly react to the dynamic changes occurring in the company. Furthermore, the implementation of the Program enables a uniform approach to operations, in line with the ORLEN Group standards.

At ORLEN Upstream, we predominantly focus on effective communication and exchange of knowledge and experience with the team of our Canadian subsidiary, ORLEN Upstream Canada.

In order to foster shared responsibility for the implementation of the ORLEN Group upstream segment development strategy, selected employees are seconded to operations or projects in the Calgary office of ORLEN Upstream Canada, becoming employees of the Canadian company for the duration of the Program. The experience of working on the mature, developed and very competitive Canadian market enables our employees to gain knowledge of the standards and best practices used in the industry, and to acquire unique experience which they then contribute to ORLEN Upstream on their return to Poland.


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